"Flat tire"

Only once did my bus get a flat.  An actual flat tire with an air leak where the r​ubber scrunches down on the street.  There was a house under construction and I ran over a nail.   A huge nail.   The bus tires cost like 800 dollars a piece and have 16 ply.  I did not believe they would ever spring a leak.  I called for the tire man who came out and fixed the flat.  This was the only time I had to have a road call for a flat tire. 




                 "Drop and rack"

In training, the coach securement is very clear.  There are no passengers on board the bus, and no timetable exists.  Usually, the training coach is behind an in service bus, and there are no other trolleys coming up from behind.   The order to drop and rack the poles is given before lunch at the food court down at ferry plaza, and there is no pressure in how long this takes.  Not so in revenue service in real life.  

 The Dao of Doug: The Art Of Driving A Bus

Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit:




Driver Doug has been a transit operator for the SFMTA for 16 years and has withstood the test of time: he still has his day job! (now a night job)  Doug has developed the precious commodity of  making a good-paying job under stressful conditions pay off and appear easy.

                "Morning rush"​

While “getting killed” on the 1 California line on the run fro​m hell, I noticed that Tuesdays were awful.  I passed up over 200 people on my peak inbound trip to get downtown by 9:02 a.m.  And I have never signed on a run that goes downtown without looking at its’ morning peak arrival time.  Think about it.  Would you choose to show up at the Ferry Plaza or the Embarcadero at 9:02 a.m., or 8:32 a.m.?


​"Flip up seats"

Just in front of the mid-doors are seats that can be flipped-up so a wheel chair can be locked in place on the floor, and not block the aisle.  On some coaches, the hook underneath the seat-pad is extremely difficult to unlock.  It requires a punch on the seat top above the underside hook, and then a definite but very subtle pull-down away from the seat back and towards the floor.